Monday, December 17, 2007

last two trees

This is the snowman tree. It has all snowman ornaments on it and is in Timothy's room. Somewhere on there is an ornament he stitched when he was about 8 or 10 (wish I had dated it). He just decided he wanted to do a cross stitch ornament so he picked one and did it. It is on 22 count fabric! I'll have to remember to get in there and take a picture when he isn't asleep in there.

Last week I met Margo for lunch and a little shopping. I picked up some prisms for the tree in our bedroom. I've never put a tree in there before, but I usually put one in the window of the upstairs bedroom (which was baby boy's room, then hubby's office). Kidlet #1 is living in that room at the moment and well, lets just say there isn't room for a tree in that little cubby hole! I figured what the heck, so I put it in our room. (no, it did not have pink ornaments or prisms when it was in baby boy's or hubby's room) I've enjoyed having it in there - I might just have to get another tree if the time comes that I can have that window back!
So, if you count my little Charlie Brown tree in the office I have a total of 5 trees. And we wonder why I'm stressed.
Oh - I forgot to tell you the best part about my Saturday. Have you ever tried to take off a single strand of lights from a fully decorated tree? Not ones you put on, but from a pre-lit tree? Oh yes, one of the strands on mine went out - well part of it did. It went out once and we replaced a few bulbs then within a week it blew 11 more bulbs so it made me nervous just having them on. I tried to find lights like the ones on there and the only ones I could find had been discontinued by the manufacturer - not making me feel any better. So, I just got some more clear ones (different bulbs) I have no idea how they put those stupid things on there! They split and went in two different directions, made circles, backtracked, you-name-it. After I finally got them (and about a third of the decorations) off the tree it took two strands of 100 lights each to replace them. Yes, that was fun. I'm quite done tree trimming for this year!
Guess I should go paint my face so I can go to work - my last Monday for the year!

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Linda said...

All your trees are so pretty. I especially like the snowman tree and would love to see the ornament your son stitched.
You have been busy your bags and tags sure turned out nice, that is a great way to use Christmas cards.