Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Just a few ornaments from the tree. The first one is the snowman ornament I told you about yesterday Timothy stitched it when he was around 8 or 10 (he is 23 now) Just decided he wanted to see if he could do it so he picked a pattern, gathered up the supplies and went to work. He always was that kind of kid - did things like that just to prove to himself he could - he still is that way. I didn't help him with it other than to tell him to make sure all your stitches cross the same direction. I'm not sure I even showed him how to thread a needle. He finished the stitching pretty quick - I can't remember if I made it into an ornament or if I just told him how to do it. Anyway - he did the one. All the proof he needed.
The other two ornaments are some more that were made by my grandmother. I just love getting them out every year and I always hang them where I can see them from my chair.
Not all of the ornaments on my tree are lovely handmade ones - there are store bought and of course there are the ones the kids made in school. Maybe tomorrow I'll show some of those. How about a reindeer made out of a dog biscuit and pipe cleaners?