Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A short tour

Yesterday I told you I would show you some ornaments that weren't pretty hand stitched ones so here we go.

We have lots of fireman ornaments. I usually get at least one each year. One of these days I'll take all of these and do just a fireman tree. (hubby was a firefighter for 24 years. 21 years on the paid dept. 3 volunteer before that)

I've always bought the kids an ornament every year. They usually pick the one they want, but this year a I picked this one for baby boy and his bride. They don't have a tree at their apartment so I have it on my tree.

I also buy one for hubby and myself (in addition to the fireman ornament) every year.

Here is the reindeer made from a dog biscuit and pipe cleaners. We have managed to keep it by hanging it at the top of they tree every year to keep the dog from getting it! I think baby boy made in kindergarten or first grade. (he is 21) There is also a reindeer made out of a plastic spoon but it is on the back and I couldn't get to it to take a pic.

Since the kids get to pick their own ornaments, we have an assortment. A sledding wiener dog, Spiderman, there are Star Wars, Pirates, Dr. Seuss, quite a variety.

Timothy usually either picks a Taz or a truck.
One day the kids will have their own homes and trees and they can take their ornaments with them if they want to - then I will have to do some heavy duty shopping to fill my tree!
Off to work with me. This is my last day to work this year - then I'm off until Jan. 2, 2008!


Michelle said...

Tina, I love all of your ornaments. My nephew made one of those dog biscuit's no more since his big sister's doggy got a hold of it :( Thanks for sharing all the pretties.


Margo said...

what cute ornaments, and they bring back memories for you as they should.
Thanks for sharing.

Linda said...

All the ornaments are so cute, we buy a new one each year too. I like your idea of a fireman tree...maybe next year. Linda

Anonymous said...

Those are some cute ornaments and I love the dog bisquit reindeer.
Very cute.

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:) Bren