Saturday, December 22, 2007

good mail!

I never post twice in one day, but I have to show you what I got in the mail today. This is from my friend Sue. I 'met' Sue through the AOL cross stitch boards 4 years ago when we both joined a secret stitcher group. We would chat online almost every morning and she guessed about half-way through the year that I was her secret pal. We would be chatting and would both hit send and have said almost exactly the same thing. It is just really weird. We have never met IRL. Sue doesn't get a lot of time to stitch and hasn't finished very many pieces. She told me when we first met that she had finished a mystery sampler and that it was one of the first pieces she ever finished. Look what she sent me for Christmas. She made that mystery sampler into a pillow for me. I am just touched beyond words. Thank you, Sue, from the bottom of my heart.

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Michelle said...


What a wonderful gift! That is good mail for sure!!

Merry Christmas,