Friday, December 7, 2007

How many?

beads and sequins do you think are on this ornament? My grandmother made this for me years ago. She made us an ornament every year for several years, the others are the felted ones with beads and sequins (I will show some of those later) but this is the only one I have like this (wonder why?) I am amazed every year when I unwrap this one to put on the tree.
Much to do today - better get busy!
Happy Friday!


Vickie said...

Glad you like my vanity & mirror. It was in 3 parts and it's missing some silver but I like it, too.
I'm glad you like the deco of my house. I call it "comfortable cottage". I didn't know if anyone else here in my family or friends would like it. a few can't believe that I haven't bought all new stuff, but that's okay - it doesn't worry me. Know what? The older I get (51) the less and less I worry about what others think - just what I think. I have heard Oprah and some others my age talk about someday, a woman will find herself and be comfortable in her own skin. And I think I've arrived. It has come slowly and certainly with some ups and downs, but I'm happy with myself and my family seems to be happy with me (most of the time). Maybe I HAVE "found" myself! THanks for your comments - not wierd at all - have a good weekend- Vickie

Michelle said...

What a beautiful ornament and extra special. I can't imagine making one of those! Michelle

Linda said...

I love this this sweet ornament form your grandmother. It is a labor of love and and a dear keepsake. Linda