Monday, December 3, 2007

Off the sauce!

My tree is standing all nice and straight now - you remember it looked like it was a little on the drunk side. Well, Mr. Fix-it who never misses anything came through and says ' the tree is leaning'. I'm already in 'Scarlett mode' for the night, I'll worry about that tomorrow, so I'm all wrapped up in my chair and mind you curling myself up in the chair is no easy feat - we have already discussed my rather large size so we won't go there - but I'm all curled up and it's a little chilly so I have an afghan over me and I'm reading a magazine or whatever so I just say 'I know' and don't really look up. Well, Mr. Fix-it will do one of two things when he sees something that needs to be fixed - either walk right past or think it needs to be done right then. So, I hear him say the thing isn't all the way down in the base (operator error, remember) but I put it down as far as it would go - then there must be something stuck in there blocking it from going all the way down because he can see where the screws were tightened before. All this time I haven't looked up to see that he is laying on the floor but I catch a glimpse of my tree SWAYING back and forth! As you can see it has more than a few ornaments on it and it was just like this when he was trying to take it out of the base to see what was in there! I'm trying to climb out from under the blanket, uncurl my legs and get across the room before the whole thing goes tumbling down! I finally got him to stop and got hubby and son # 1 to come downstairs and they lifted the tree out of the base while Mr. Fix-it dumped out the cap from the bottom of the tree that had gotten lodged in sideways. So - now my tree doesn't look drunk anymore!
It started raining before I could get out and get pictures yesterday - maybe sometime this week. I'll get some more pictures inside too - now that I've got that explosion cleaned up. All the boxes have finally gone back to the attic! As for stitching - well, there hasn't been a lot of that going on here lately and what little bit I've done has been for gifts. I'll show some soon - even if it is older stuff!
Will try to get some pics of Canton stuff too - nothing really exciting - Christmas decor and a crock for the kitchen.
Terry in Arlington - thanks for letting me know you are still around and reading my blog!
Lunch time is over - back to work for me!
Have a great day!


Vickie said...

Your tree looks beautiful! Good job! I've still got that project to do -

Sand Flat is just north of the Tyler State Park area, if you know where that it. It's just a little bump in the road actually, but a very unique name nonetheless! THanks for asking - Vickie

Vickie said...

The color on our house was called a cream, also. The actual yellow was like canary or school buss yellow - yuck. Your color looks just like ours.
Good luck to your son in the acting business, too. It's a tough life, and I worry about the lifestyle sometimes. We just have to leave them in God's hands. My son says he's going to give it 3-5 years and if nothing big happens, then he's coming back to Texas - he says he wants to have a life and when the music quits being fun and just becomes work, then he's thru. He can make music and write here in Texas. Glad to have someone who understands - where is your son? Vickie

Esther Sunday said...

I love your tree! It looks super. My hubbers is the same - a Mr. Fix It. And - it must be perfect! I am so the polar opposite. I think things imperfect, beat up, etc. Anyway, looking good! Back to work for me too! Love, Esther

Vickie said...

Tina I read again that your son is at SFA - what does he want to do and where does he plan on going after college? Vickie

Lani said...

Your tree is beautiful! It looks like something out of the pages of a magazine.

Michelle said...

Tina, Your tree looks so pretty and I'm glad it's straight! Thanks for your thoughts for my husband. Michelle